Oklahoma Steak And Grill Delivery
76 E 33rd Street
Edmond, OK, US, 73013

Restaurant Hours

Monday thru Thursday 03:30PM - 09:00PM

Friday thru Saturday 03:30PM - 10:00PM

Try our NEW Hawaiian Burger and Hawaiian Chicken

DAILY SPECIALSCheck back every day for new special!

**NEW Hawaiian Burger

**NEW Hawaiian Burger

Limited time
Our Famous 1/2 Pound Burger Topped with bacon, house made semi sweet pineapple sauce, Light Mayo and Swiss cheese

Served With Fries or upgrade

Appetizer, Steak for 2

Appetizer, Steak for 2

1 Appetizer
2 Flame Grilled Rib-eye or N.Y Strip Steaks (12-13 Oz each or upgrade)
2 Baked Potatoes
2 Dinner Salads
2 Garlic Texas Toasts
2 Steak sauce

Chopped Steak Combo

Chopped Steak Combo

1 Chopped Steaks Topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions
1 Baked potatoes
1 Side Salads
1 Garlic Toasts
1 Steak sauce
3 Fried shrimp or 3 chicken strips
1 dipping sauce

Tortilla lime Tilapia &  Hush Puppies

Tortilla lime Tilapia & Hush Puppies

Limited time
2 Tortilla lime Tilapia
5 Hush Puppies

Served with
1 Baked potato (Side Sour Cream & Butter)
1 Side Salad
1 Garlic Texas Toast.
2 Seafood sauce
Lemon Wedges
1 drink

Chicken Strip for 2

Chicken Strip for 2

2 5 pieces Chicken Strips meals
2 Bake potatoes or Steak Fries
2 Salads
2 Garlic Toasts
2 Dipping sauces
2 Drinks

(CheeseLover Burger) & Drinks for 2!

(CheeseLover Burger) & Drinks for 2!

2 Black Angus Cheese Lover Burgers
2 Fries
2 Drinks

Swiss, American, Colby and Monterey cheese
(Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles & Mayo)

Served with house fries or upgrade!


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    If you live under one mile away you get FREE delivery (please call us and ask us how and then you can place your order online)
    Delivery Time Average between 30-60 min
    We cook to order, busy hours, weekends, holiday's or weather may vary on our online delivery time given.
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    Hospital min order $25
    For catering please call us a head of time.
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